Welcome to Querétaro | The City were the classic meets the new. This destination is the perfect city for those looking to pair their colonial tourism with delicious gourmet restaurants. Querétaro is notable for its beautiful baroque buildings and Spanish architecture with the “Acueducto” as one of its primary landmarks. Museums, hot springs and natural reserves being some of the main attractions of the city there is certainly something to do for everyone. Due to the fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is a tourism destination of International renown.

Quick Tips

Come Prepared

To walk long corridors of cobblestone, we recommend comfortable shoe-ware!

Where to Stay

We recommend you stay at “La Casa Del Atrio”, the number one luxury boutique Hotel or you can stay at “Mesón Santa Rosa”, a classic Mexican-style hacienda hotel

Must do’s

Walk downtown in this UNESCO world heritage site and explore the countless shops and stop to it in one of its gourmet restaurants. You can't leave without sightseeing and exploring the local museums